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Raccoons In Your Home

While raccoons are known for being intelligent, their intelligence gets them into trouble and causes destruction when they try to become another resident of your home. There are a few areas they are known for making themselves comfortable, here are those spots

  • Warm & dry attics 
  • Chimneys 
  • Crawl spaces 
  • Roof areas 

It can be incredibly hard to distinguish the difference between healthy raccoons and those who may be infected with rabies, it’s important to have any raccoons taking over your space removed by a professional as soon as possible. With us now entering the colder months, especially Fall, there is an uptick in raccoons making themselves at home in our homes. Instead of doing what most animals do in the winter, raccoons do not hibernate. They go through what is called “torpor”, torpor is extreme lethargy and mental inactivity. When raccoons are in this state of torpor it’s harder to wake them up which is why it’s ideal to prep your home for the fall as soon as possible. You can prepare your home by inspecting your attic and roof as well as making sure your weatherproofing does not have any vulnerable or weak points.   

Damage From Raccoons 

When raccoons are able to make their entrance into your home, they are known to cause a reasonable amount of damage. For example, if raccoons get into your attic to escape the frigid temperatures, they can destroy your insulation. Along with destroying your insulation, it’s likely they will also leave a mess that is not sanitary as well. This can lead to health issues for everyone living in your household along with pricey heating bills. Within one neighborhood, raccoons have multiple sites for their dens. When the warmer weather starts to roll in, these dens are then used for their newborn litters through the spring season. While you may be thinking you’re protecting your home through fall and winter you are also prepping for spring at the same time. It is crucial to protect your property now before mating season begins at the end of winter. You can look around your home for signs of weak areas such as damaged shingles, soffits, walls, and roof vents.   

Raccoon Removal Services  

When you have animal control specialists come to your house, they have the expertise, knowledge, experience, and ability to use all methods that are legal and necessary to trap and remove the raccoons that have infiltrated your home. When you have professionals come out to your property to help you, they can double-check and explain how the raccoons entered and assist you so they hopefully never return. You might also find raccoons in bird feeders, garbage cans, pet food, and more. Here are great ways to keep these pesky critters away from your belongings: 

  • Prevention. You can solve most problems with raccoons by taking away whatever may attract them. 
  • Keep your garbage indoors if possible. If you are not able to keep your garbage inside, you can drill holes in the lid and the sides of the can.  
  • Use bungee cords. For items such as your garbage can, you can use bungee cords to strap the lid on tight.  
  • Squirrel baffle. Squirrel baffles also work for raccoons.  
  • Leave things empty. For items such as a bird feeder, you can leave them empty until you notice the raccoons have not been nearby. 
  • Bringing your items such as pet food inside. Pet food attracts more critters than raccoons, if you don’t want anything else eating it, don’t leave it out. 
  • Chicken wire. This can be used if you have a pond you are trying to keep raccoons out of. Just make sure to anchor it down. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding raccoons in your home give us a call today at, (716) 203-1166. 

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