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Beautiful birds, adorable trash pandas and fluffy cottontails may be cute, but they don't make good roommates. If local wildlife has moved into your home or workplace, please reach out for help. Fast response times and exceptional customer service are guaranteed.

Unlike other local pest control companies, we do more than just relocate critters. We also offer wildlife exclusion services. After we remove the pests from your property, we'll fortify your building to keep their friends from moving in later. While we're at it, ask us to provide insulation installation services. We'll replace insulation that was damaged by pests in no time.

We're a fully-insured company that has our NY State trappers license.

We have over a decade of experience trapping and moving animals.

We're animal lovers who care about relocating wildlife humanely.

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No matter what type of insulation installation services you need, we're here to help. Hire us to replace insulation that was damaged by birds in your attic, rodents in your walls, squirrels in your basement, or bats in your attic.

Bird Management

Chimneys, roofs, exterior bathroom vents and carports - we can remove birds from all of these places. Reach out to our bird management company today to set up an inspection.

Wildlife Trapping

Unlike other pest control experts, we don't use chemicals when we provide wildlife trapping services. Instead, we'll trap the animal and relocate it back to the wild.

Bat Exclusion

The ideal time for bat exclusion is between mid-April and the end of May and August through October. Schedule our services today and we'll provide a free inspection and estimate for your bat removal job.

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