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Understand the Dangers of Having Avian Roommates

Bird management is necessary to prevent a wide variety of problems. For example:

  • Bird droppings pose health risks and run paint jobs.
  • Bird nests block ventilation systems and gutters.
  • Birds can damage crops and landscaping.

Other Services We Offer


No matter what type of insulation installation services you need, we're here to help. Hire us to replace insulation that was damaged by birds in your attic, rodents in your walls, squirrels in your basement, or bats in your attic.

Bat Exclusion

The ideal time for bat exclusion is between mid-April and the end of May and August through October. Schedule our services today and we'll provide a free inspection and estimate for your bat removal job.​

Wildlife Trapping

Unlike other pest control experts, we don't use chemicals when we provide wildlife trapping services. Instead, we'll trap the animal and relocate it back to the wild.

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