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What is Trenching and How It Can Help You Keep Animals Out of Your Home

When it comes to keeping rodents, birds, and other forms of wildlife out of your home, learning the different natural behaviors of those animals is paramount to successful wildlife deterrence and exclusion. For example, knowing the nesting habits and preferences of different types of birds that are common in your area will allow you to devise a strategy to keep those birds out of your gutters, attic, HVAC vents, and other parts of your home where bird nesting can cause serious damage.  

For burrowing animals, on the other hand, keeping those pests out of your home might seem more difficult because we often don’t notice the animal’s encroachment into our home until it is too late. Trenching is one of the most efficient, humane, and cost-effective wildlife exclusion strategies for burrowing animals. In this short article, we explain what trenching entails and why WNY Wildlife and Exclusion is the best option for homeowners and business owners in Western New York who are looking for an effective and affordable ways to keep burrowing animals out of their homes and businesses.  

What is Trenching? 

Trenching is an effective and practical form of wildlife exclusion that is specifically geared towards keeping burrowing animals out of your home. Examples of burrowing animals that can get into your home through subterranean tunnels include chipmunks and moles, both of whom are great diggers that can gain access to your home by digging underneath your foundation. Gophers, shrews, voles, and groundhogs are also known to burrow and can access your home or damage your foundation through this behavior. Furthermore, certain species of rats such as the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the Roof rat (Rattus rattus) can also burrow and may be found hiding underneath the soil near your home´s foundation. 

As winter nears, many burrowing animals may choose to burrow around your deck, foundation, driveway, or walkway as they prepare for the colder months. In some cases, they may be able to get inside your home through this behavior. In other cases, the burrows may cause structural damage to your outdoor infrastructure, such as your driveway or outdoor paths.  

Trenching is the most effective, ideal, and humane way to stop these animals from burrowing around your property. Essentially, trenching entails installing wire mesh to keep animals out of certain key areas around your home and property. In some cases, vinyl-coated mesh is buried underground around the affected area to prevent any animals from further burrowing. In other cases, a type of hardware cloth for rats is installed around key areas of your home´s foundation to keep these unwanted intruders from burrowing into your home.  

Trenching is not only an effective solution for keeping pests out of your home, but it can also protect the structural integrity of your home. Over time, burrowing animals can undermine your foundation, leading to cracks, fissures, and other serious problems. Fixing a home´s foundation is often an expensive and difficult home repair, and prevention of this problem is the best way to avoid costly repairs down the road.  

Furthermore, trenching can also be a strategy to help protect and defend your outdoor flower and vegetable gardens from unwanted pests. If your rose bushes and other flowering plants continue to be destroyed by burrowing animals disturbing the root system, installing hardware cloth and other forms of mesh can deter those animals from that part of your yard.  

How can WNY Wildlife and Exclusion Help you Keep Burrowing Animals out of your Home? 

For homeowners and business owners in the western New York area, WNY Wildlife and Exclusion is proud to offer the most humane and effective trenching practices to deter burrowing animals from negatively affecting your home and property. When you hire us for your trenching needs, we dig around the affected area and install hardware cloth to a depth of approximately one foot into the ground. This essentially eliminates the threat of wildlife and rodents from burrowing near your home or certain parts of your property. For homes or businesses that already are suffering from extensive burrowing animals, we can also help you by humanely trapping and removing those burrowing animals. 

When you hire us for your trenching needs, you will also be guaranteed to receive the most humane animal removal from an abatement company in the region. Our professionals have all the necessary experience and tools to help you keep animals safely away from your home. We comply with all relevant federal and local regulations regarding wildlife removal.  

Keeping animals out of your home is important for the health and wellbeing of your family and customers, and to protect the structural integrity of your home. Instead of waiting until wild animals have already taken up residence in your home, feel free to contact us today to discuss the best course of action for keeping wild animals from ever entering your home.  Call us at 716-203-1166 today. 

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