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Does WNY Wildlife Catch and Release? How To  Humanely Rehome Uninvited Critters  

Flashback to grade school. Jimmy told a lie, a big one. Do you tell on him? That’s what it can feel like when a cute little family of raccoons comes to visit and then decides to set up housekeeping on your property. Or bunnies.  Warbling birds and chattering squirrels. It’s hard to say anything good about bats except they eat mosquitoes. However, they, too, should be treated humanely.  

Wildlife can be a welcome addition to your property. But sometimes the damage they cause makes them unwanted guests, kind of like spring breakers partying on your property.  Do you tell on them and have them removed without knowing what happens to them next? You may want to handle the problem yourself, but New York State law says that it is illegal to move animals off your property. It is illegal even if you trap them humanely, release them in a local forest or park, leave them some food, and have their best interests at heart. Only a licensed professional is allowed to remove problematic visitors. 

Catch and Release Pest Control 

Western New York Wildlife & Exclusion will catch any and all unwanted pests by humane methods and release them on our 45 acres of private property. This property is maintained to give wildlife the best living and survival conditions. The releases are lawful as they are on private property. We follow humane catch and release protocols so you can rest easy knowing that your problem guests will thrive on our terrain.  Best of all, we catch your pests without the use of chemicals that can damage more than your pests. These chemicals can harm your pets and the wildlife you want to inhabit your property.  

Animal pests are savvy at finding their way back to your home, a place that has proven to feel safe and provide the food they require. This is another reason why you want them released many miles away from your home. While our catch and release services are local, the site of release is too far for them to return and set up housekeeping on your property again.  

Pest Prevention and Damage Repair 

WNY Wildlife & Exclusion can help you prevent pest invasions. Our licensed inspectors provide free inspections to assess the damage to your attic, walls, and basement. Baats, birds, rodents, and squirrels are the usual culprits because they love to use your insulation for nesting and safety.  Our inspectors will offer replacement options and provide an estimate for pest-proof insulation.   

Bird management is sometimes necessary. Their nests can block gutters, chimneys, and ventilation systems. Their droppings can ruin paint jobs and endanger the health of your family and visitors.  Some variety of birds do more than beautify your landscape; they can wreck it. We offer solutions for managing your bird population, repairing any damages they have made, and preventing further damage.  

Bats have federal, not just state-wide, protection and need particular care. They are dangerous and common carriers of rabies and other diseases. WNY Wildlife & Exclusion follows a specific protocol for removing bats humanely and assuring they will not return to your property. Our trained technicians will determine all entry points and install one-way bat cones that let bats out of your house, but not back in. In a few weeks, all the bats will have vacated the premises, and the bat cones will be removed. Then, all entry points will be sealed in a way that will not affect your home’s appearance. 

If you have unwanted guests or if you want to pest-proof your home, please give us a call. Our estimates are free, and our services are affordable as well as humane.  

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