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How Possums Get in Your House: All You Need to Know 

Some people may regard possums as cute and cuddly animals. But they can be destructive, especially if they invade your home. These creatures tend to be highly noticeable even during the day since they are loud and less restricted to nocturnal habits than other rodents. 

If you’re struggling with possums, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will outline how possums get into your house, where they are most likely to hide, and how to humanely get rid of them and keep them out of your home. Let’s take a look! 

How Do Possums Get In Your House? 

“Can possums get in your house?” If this is a constant concern for you, we have a simple answer. Yes. Possums are inquisitive tiny animals with poor vision. They can’t resist the temptation to enter your house through an open window or doorway. Additionally, if you have a doggie door for your pets, you risk finding a possum inside your house.  

Possums are little marsupials that live in woodlands. So,  the closer a woodland is to your home, the greater the likelihood that these animals will find their way into your home 

Common Places to Find a Possum in the House 

Possums are relatively small animals, so they can fit through small gaps in your house. They  will likely build their nests in a warm location. So, where would a possum most likely hide in a house? 

  1. The Attic 

Possums can find safety in warm, dry attics. It might be a startling surprise when you find them there, but this happens to many people who live in or close to wooded regions.  

Possums living in attics can create various issues, such as the spread of parasites and viruses, damage to insulation and wiring, a pungent stench, especially if the possum dies. They also make noise while moving about the attic and leave big droppings that can contribute to an odor. 

  1. The Garage 

The garage door opens up the possibility of uninvited visitors. A possum could go inside your garage and discover a plethora of cozy, dark spots to hide.    Possums frequently reside in detached or even attached garages. 

  1. Under the Deck 

Your deck is probably the simplest area of your property for possums to infest. It offers protection from the weather and typically has wide gaps for simple entrance. If you suspect there is a possum under your deck, it is best to call a wildlife expert to handle the removal.  

They will conduct a thorough inspection to ascertain whether a possum is residing on your home’s decks. You should also keep in mind that many possums carry rabies and aggressive possums have a history of biting, so it’s a good idea to leave this problem in the hands of experts. 

  1. The Roof 

Possums are excellent climbers, so you may have possum activity on your roof if trees are close to it. When building a new home, it’s possible that a construction crew won’t totally seal it off. Additionally, it isn’t standard practice for roofing contractors to employ effective pest-proofing “exclusion techniques” to keep wild animals out of your home. 

How Do You Keep Possums Away From Your Home? 

Now that we have established how possums can get into your home, we should also consider what keeps them away from your house. You can employ several techniques to keep a possum infestation at bay. They include: 

  • Obstruct Openings:  Use something hard that these bugs can’t just take off with their claws. 
  • Motion Sensors: Install motion-activated lights or sprinklers. They tend to be so startled by them that they wish to escape the location in question. 
  • Spreading Dog or Cat Hair: You may also scatter some cat or dog hair about to coat the openings with a predatory aroma that will alert scavenger pests to potential danger. 
  • Crushed Garlic: Possums are like little vampires. They dislike the smell of garlic. Consider crushing some and spreading it across your compound. 

Need Pest Control? Contact WNY Wildlife & Exclusion 

Possums may seriously damage your home and way of life. They shouldn’t be let inside your building even if they pose no threat to you or your family’s safety. Contact a professional pest control service like WNY Wildlife & Exclusion to handle any possum infestation in your house. 

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