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How Long Does it Take to Remove an Animal From Your House?

Homes are welcoming environments to get out of the weather for both animals and humans. While humans occupy rooms full of furniture, small creatures like squirrels, raccoons, and even lizards can happily nestle into the protected space under your foundation or in your attic insulation.  Even more of a problem is when an animal gets stuck somewhere dangerous, like in your chimney. 

Whether you are hearing scrabbling in the ceiling or catch an organic smell from the crawl space, calling for animal removal is the humane, legal, and smart answer to your problem. Professionals will know how to research what kind of animal is nesting or stuck in your house and how to safely remove them in a legally compliant way.  

How Long Does Animal Removal Take? 

One of the questions we get most often is how long animal removal will take. In many cases, it can be done immediately, with a consultation and solution on the same day or in short sequence. This is true if the animal you need to remove is in an accessible place and, typically, is also of a species that can be handled with typical means. 

Protected spaces, as with many bats, and animals who are trapped or nested in hard-to-reach places may require a removal plan of a few days to a few weeks, depending on the method. 

Animal Removal Can Be Immediate 

In many cases, animal removal is a simple matter. Animals can be chased or flushed out of your spaces or a nestled animal can be lifted carefully from its hiding spot. When removing animals directly, it’s important to remember that animals often nest in a home’s protected spaces because they are brooding. You may need to have a mother and her young removed in a humane and professional way. 

Animal removal specialists can often handle animal removal on the same day of your consultation. If not, they will give you an assessment and a clear timeline required to humanely remove the animals from your home. 

Exclusion Devices Remove Animals Over a Few Days 

One of the most humane and protection-compliant  methods of animal removal is exclusion devices. These can be summarized as one-directional gates that allow animals to leave the hidden spaces in your home but do not allow them to return. Exclusion devices are ideal for bat colonies and groups of animals that you know typically leave the house daily.  

The complete success of an exclusion device can take a few days up to two weeks to fully clear the space so that all the animals have left and will  not return. 

Animal Repellants Must Be Used Constantly 

Animal repellants are chemical treatments that make your interior spaces less appealing for animals. Repellants can work very well when combined with traps and lured to get a family of animals out of your insulation before they do real damage. Animal repellant works continuously where it’s placed, but must be replaced on a fairly regular basis. 

Home Repairs to Keep Animals Out 

Finally, be sure to repair and secure your home so that animals do not find their way back into your protected spaces. Use a combination of proper maintenance for each area of the home and chicken wire over necessary exits or apertures to ensure another family of critters doesn’t find their way in to take shelter in the same place. 

Animal Removal Services Near You 

If you are worried about animals in the chimney, walls, attic, or below the house, call WNY Wildlife & Exclusion. Our expert technicians will help you to rescue lost animals under your home, and return your house to a friendly residential environment for one total human family. Call (716) 203-1166 today. 

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