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Do Gutter Guards Keep Rodents Out?

Gutter guards are a popular option for homeowners trying to reduce the amount of debris that clogs up their home’s drainage system. However, did you know gutter guards can also keep rodents out of your downspouts and gutters? 

Rodent-Proof Gutter Guards Protect Your Home 

You can sometimes hear critters up on your roof and often have to wonder if they can make their way into your home. Without rodent-proof gutter guards, critters such as squirrels, mice, and chipmunks can become a nuisance.  

Rodents nest and forge through your gutters because they don’t know any better. The only way to convince them to go elsewhere is to prevent them from entering your gutters in the first place. Mesh gutter screens make it extremely difficult for small rodents to enter your draining system. Our experienced team at WNY Wildlife & Exclusion has spent years offering reliable and effective exclusion services. We know how to keep rodents out.  

Every year, you clear the leaves and tree seeds from your gutters to keep your drainage system running smoothly. Small animals like chipmunks could take up residence in your gutters and downspouts, causing just as much trouble as leaves. Call today for an estimate to see how rodent-proof gutter guards can keep your drainage system clear.  

Take Preventative Steps to Discourage Furry Visitors

The more comfortable a rodent becomes with your property, the more damage that can be done as time passes. Mice, squirrels, and rats can chew on electrical cables, which can lead to outages and possibly fires. Gutter guards are a good start in deterring animals from damaging your property. It’s also a good idea to remove food sources from your yard. Make sure your garbage bins and recycling cans are tightly covered. If you compost waste, keep the compost pile secure and away from your home. 

Gutter Bird Guard Systems Are Effective Deterrents

Squirrels and chipmunks aren’t the only woodland creatures causing problems for homes across Western New York. Birds can also cause issues with drainage and water abatement. Small birds build nests that block ventilation and gutters. A gutter bird guard system is an efficient and reliable way to keep your gutters clear.  

We also offer Bird Management solutions to help ensure your feathered friends do not damage or destroy your gutters and vents. Birds can be just as problematic as bats when they confuse your home for a warm winter haven. Our safe and humane wildlife removal services will preserve your home and keep feathered friends from moving in later.  

Mesh Gutter Screens Have Numerous Benefits 

Rodent-proof gutter guards will keep out more than creatures and pests. Our mesh gutter screens can help stop debris and leaves from clogging up your gutters. This preventative step can save you hours throughout the course of the year, protecting your valuable assets. While regular maintenance is still necessary to ensure gutters work properly, gutter guards can reduce the amount of time you have to spend on a ladder. 
Call Western NY Wildlife & Exclusion at (716) 203-1166 today, or check out a full list of our animal removal, abatement & remediation services.  

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